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digital sparks 2002

In 2002, over 120 › higher education establishments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were invited to take part. All students were given the opportunity to enter directly without requiring a nomination from their lecturers. 76 › projects were submitted, of which 68 were accepted and 26 were nominated for the › final panel of judges.
Each prize-winner received a production grant worth Euro 2,500.

Presentation of the projects

The awards ceremony for the 2002 digital sparks competition took place as part of the two-day expert workshop › "Online Archives - Perspectives on Networked Knowledge Spaces" in Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Germany. A detailed documentation about the 2002 competition can be downloaded as a ›  [PDF |1, 8 MB] document (sorry, German only).
All projects submitted are presented in an › interactive map and as a › project list.

The digital sparks 2002 team:

Conception and management: » Monika Fleischmann and » Wolfgang Strauss

Organization and implementation: Diane Müller

Editorial team and assistants: Gabriele Blome, Jochen Denzinger, Katja Heckes, Kai-Uwe Kunze, Stefan Paal, Daniel Pfuhl, Felix Schmitz-Justen, Thomas Unger.

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