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"Community" is a space for exchange with media artists, scientists, computer scientists, designers and all people interested in media art. › Resources offers you a structured collection of relevant › institutions, › events and › information channels. This continuously growing pool of addresses also gives you the opportunity to link yourself with netzspannung.org.
netzspannung.org offers users a variety of services. Register to be able to use these services. Once you have registered, you will receive an access password, enabling you to log in to netzspannung.org.
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Logged-in users can access the following services:


netzkollektor provides netzspannung.org users with an open channel for media-cultural productions. Here, as a media artist, scholar, designer, developer or curator, you can publish your media-artistic projects, technological developments, texts and events yourself, positioning them in a professional and transdisciplinary context.
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Profile is also an open channel. Here you can present your professional experience and skills as a person engaged in the media-cultural sector.
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At the same time netzkollektor and profile fields act as showcases, informing about projects, productions and skills of netzspannung.org's registered users.

Ariadne's Thread

Ariadne's Thread helps users relocate web pages they have already visited. This service records the links to netzspannung.org web pages visited and automatically creates a small square on the history bar for every web page accessed. The sequentially arranged squares represent links to the pages visited, enabling them to be tracked down again quickly and easily.
For data-protection reasons, the information stored is automatically deleted as soon as you log off. Needless to say, this data is not used or passed on in any way.

Search patterns

Logged-in users can save search patterns in their personal workspace for use again at a later time. When a saved search pattern is reactivated, the search result automatically shows all the entries that have been added since the last search, which apply to the search request.
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