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digital sparks 2001

The digital sparks higher education competition took place for the first time in 2001.
In preparation for the first competition, lecturers from 60 different › higher education establishments in Germany and Switzerland were contacted and asked to select the three best student projects from their faculty for the years 1999 - 2001 and to submit these online to the netzspannung.org Internet platform with the students involved. A total of 52 › projects were submitted. A › preliminary panel of judges drawn from the fields of media art, media design and IT nominated 23 projects. The › final panel of judges awarded prizes to three projects. Prize winners were given a › production grant to develop their work at the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab.

Presentation of the projects

The prizes were awarded to the winners at the › cast01 , "Living in Mixed Realities", which took place in late September 2001 in Birlinghoven Castle, Sankt Augustin, and the winners were able to present their work there.
Detailed documentation about »digital sparks« 2001 › [PDF | 3, 6 MB]

Team digital sparks 2001

Concept and management: » Monika Fleischmann und » Wolfgang Strauss

Organization and implementation: Ulrike Böcking

Editorial team and assistants: Gabriele Blome, Kai-Uwe Kunze, Stefan Paal, Felix Schmitz-Justen, Thomas Unger


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