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digital sparks 2002 prize winners

In view of the outstanding quality of the projects submitted, the panel of judges decided to award four prizes in 2002 rather than three as originally planned:

actionist respoke

Rüdiger Schlömer and Michael Janoschek

FH Aachen
Prof. Klaus Gasteier
An experimental sound interface for the song "Mouse On Mars" by the group of the same name.
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[korsakow syndrom]

Florian Thalhofer

UdK Berlin
Prof. Willem Velthoven and Prof. Joachim Sauter
A non-linear, interactive documentary film on the subject of alcohol.
› [korsakow syndrom]

Left 2 dimensions behind

Andreas Siefert

HFG Karlsruhe
Prof. Michael Saup
A video installation which plays with the viewer's perception of space.
› left 2 dimensions behind

Terror by Tina

Martin Hesselmeier

FH Mannheim
Prof. Kai Beiderwellen
A robot on the prowl for victims in a chat-room.
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A brief description of the projects awarded 2001-2003 together with the jury statements can be found in the »digital sparks« booklet (sorry, German only):
screen-version › [PDF |2 MB], print-version › [PDF | 8,4 MB]

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