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Jury 2001

Jury digital sparks 2001
The difficult task of choosing three winning projects from the 23 nominated was given over to six representatives from the fields of media, universities and institutions for culture promotion in Germany and Switzerland.

Members of the jury

Prof. Dr. Dr. Lydia Hartl

» Head of cultural division, Munich

Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz

» Director, University of Art and Design, Zurich

Prof. Dr. Joachim-Felix Leonhard

» General secretary Goethe-Institut

Regina Wyrwoll

» General secretary, Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW

Dr. Sabine Rollberg

» ARTE representative, WDR

Bernhard Foos

» SWR, International Media Art Award

Chairman of the jury

Dr. Wilfried Matanovic*
» Monika Fleischmann*
(*no voting right)


The jury was able to call on two experts for advice in explaining the technical, design and aesthetic concepts.
» Wolfgang Strauss*
Gabriele Blome*
(*no voting right)


The digital sparks 2001 projects were assessed by the following experts:

Prof. Dr. Bernd Freisleben

Computer Sciences
» Siegen University

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Müller

Computer Sciences
» Dortmund University

Dr. Andreas Broeckmann

Media Design, Media Art
» Transmediale, Berlin

Prof. Tanja Diezmann

Media Design
» Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau

Alfred Rotert

Media Design, Media Art
» European Media Art Festival - EMAF, Osnabrück

Gerfried Stockert

Media Design, Media Art
» Ars Electronica Center

Prof. Eku Wand

Media Design, Animation
» Braunschweig School of Art

Anna Anders

Media Art
» personal homepage
» Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

Joachim Blank

Media Art
» Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig

Thea Brejzek

Media Art
» Stage director, Wien University

Prof. KP Ludwig John

Media Art
» University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Christin Lahr

Media Art
» Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

Prof. Maria Vedder

Media Art
» The Berlin University of the Arts