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Resources on Media Art and Digital Culture

The "Resources" encompass commented link lists on international [link 01] events and [link 02] institutions in the fields of digital art, culture and research as well as relevant [link 03] information channels on the web. A collection of academies and universities in the German-speaking region that offer programmes in media art, design or media informatics is available in the [link 04] digital sparks section. Special resources on new media for teaching music and art lessons at school are listed in the "Learning" [link 05] Link list.

The aim of the lists is to provide an overview of relevant institutions and websites and besides, to link [link 06] netzspannung.org with them.
If you would like to add your institution to our collection, please contact: [link 07] info@netzspannung.org. In return, we would appreciate it, if you made a reference to netzspannung.org on your website. An overview of all websites that refer and link to netzspannung.org is available on [link 08] Google.

Liste der Links in der Seite:

[link 01]http://netzspannung.org/community/resources/events/?lang=en
[link 02]http://netzspannung.org/community/resources/institutions/?lang=en
[link 03]http://netzspannung.org/community/resources/channels/?lang=en
[link 04]http://netzspannung.org/digital-sparks/universities/en/
[link 05]http://netzspannung.org/learning/links/en/
[link 06]http://netzspannung.org/en/
[link 07]mailto:info@netzspannung.org
[link 08]http://www.google.com/search?hl=de&q=link%3A+netzspannung.org&btnG=Suche&lr=