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Although the term interface is generally used as if it is only definable between a human and a machine, its existence is much older than the computers, since the interface is an indispensable element whenever a human interacts with a piece of information. Today, the popular perception of the new media aesthetics primarily depends on the assumption that the older media’s visual conventions are remote practices with no implications on the new one, thus their visual paradigms are not applicable when the medium is “digital”. This is an obvious conflict primarily with the nature of the interactive digital media itself, since its one of the main features is allowing multi layered reading opportunities of a particular information by remapping the old media onto the new one. In the graduate class VCD 531-Interface Design, we are addressing this issue throughout the projects where the students are experimenting the juxtaposition of traditional visual notions with the ones which belong to the purely digital media such as interactivity, simulation and multimedia. During our interface design workshop that is developed around old manuscripts, the main aim is to instigate theoretical discussions via the end products of the student design projects. These end products are digital simulations of the traditional visual information systems (i.e. maps, technical drawings, miniatures) which are built according to the aesthetic values of its own time and the artistic concerns of its creators.


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  • Remembrance of media past
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