john lawrie cobban, ken davidson, tam dean burn

genetic wake

installation and decroux-based creation working with passages and structures in the novel Finnegans Wake

shem, cleveland performance art festival

shem, cleveland performance art festival

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Masked, in "fetishist's moustache, the acid bath murderer's wire framed specs and the rabbinical homburg" - Variant, FWII.4(12:383-399):1923-39 (1993) - Tam Dean Burn brought to life a suitably distorted 'HCE' protagonist as a surreal simulacrum of James Joyce. With director, Ken Davidson, and composer, John Cobban, GENETIC WAKE performances were produced under the banner of 1028 [process]. Electronic music scores accompanied performances in theatres in Glasgow. Development and practical work across 1992 and 1993, outlined the project's subsequent 'genetic' paths and accompanying frameworks.

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scotland, england, rumania, usa, United Kingdom

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tramway, glasgow
bac, london
cleveland performance art festival
medium 3
national review of live art, uk
medium 4
foundry, london
tardis, london
fly, glasgow




exhibitions 1997-2000

New Foundry, London, June 28 2000 - MORE LIGHT MORE POWER

New Foundry, London, August 1999 - documentation, « Hill »

Clerkenwell Literary Festival, TARDIS, London, July 1999 - documentation, « Hill »

Streetworks Festival, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, October 1998 - «plein air»

FLY 1, FLY Gallery, Glasgow, July 1997 - soundtrack / installation «Themes from Mr Porter»

MEDIUM 4, Sf. Gheorge, Rumania, May - September 1997 - sound and publicity

performances 1993-2001

past Eve and Adam's Glasgow TRAMWAY Theatre, February 1 - 3 2001 (50') St Bride's Day

Lessons BAC London, March 26-28 1996 (25')

Mr Porter Glasgow TRAMWAY Theatre, September 21 - 23 1995 (70')

Hill Black Wood, Castlemilk, Glasgow, June 21 1995 (90"; June 16 - July 1) Midsummer's Night's Eve

Shem Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Ohio, USA, April 15 1995 (25") Holy Saturday

Bright New Day National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, October 28 1994 (8')

Fragment of an Unpublished Work MEDIUM 3, Sf Gheorghe, July 26 1994 (2'15") - Lucia's birthday

Here Comes Everybody Glasgow TRAMWAY Theatre, 17-22 May 1994 (70")

FWII.4(12:383-399):1923-39 Glasgow TRAMWAY Theatre, 8-11 October 1993 (4'30") Joyce and Nora's elopement


valentina culpa, Oct 22, 2002



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