Gregor Blahak, Hannes Nehls

It's kickass ! ! !

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LINKTANKS.ORG allows the organisation of a huge amount of referencedata to urls. LINKTANKS.ORG got some features that allow you to show all this data, to browse them, and to make them usable in a kickass new way. LINKTANKS.ORG organizes data by the categories of their content, by the date of their posting and according to the users preferences.
LINKTANKS.ORG is based on basic principles of set theory. Sets of which evereyone represents an searchquery can be shifted and dragged around and against each other. So you got some sort of new sets which enhance your queries visually as well as in quality.
LINKTANKS.ORG allows and needs the submission and categorization of sites by the ones responsible for it, as well as the rating of already categorized data, and gets in this way an highly collaborative character.
To get an overall impression of what LINKTANKS.ORG does, I like to recommend you to read the helpfiles online.



Germany, 2001-2002



Submission, May 16, 2002