Machiko Kusahara

Mini-Screens and Big Screens

Networked Gestural Analysis for Mixed Realities

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Mixed reality (MR) is important as the major concept in the age of digital technology. MR as a concept will become a model with which the relationship between the real space and the virtual or cognitive space will be understood. Different from VR, MR enables to re-integrate the reality and virtuality, without loosing the physical existence of body. In analyzing what MR means to the way we see the world, the nature of MR should be examined from a wider aspect. Telecommunication technology has been already changing our cognition of the space, realizing a mixed reality environment in our daily life. Big screens and mini-screens we see in today's urban life can be seen as the realization of mixed reality in our daily life, combine the real and the virtual, making the boundary already blurred.

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Germany, 2001


Machiko Kusahara, Jun 15, 2001