Tamiko Thiel, Zara Houshmand

Beyond Manzanar




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Beyond Manzanar uses navigable 3D graphics projected on a large screen to create an experiential virtual environment transformed by dream and memory. It explores parallels between experiences of Japanese Americans interned at Manzanar during World War II and Iranian Americans threatened during the 1979-1980 Hostage Crisis. A realist reconstruction of the internment camp becomes the framework for interior visions of personal responses to the betrayal of the "American Dream,” and imagined landscapes of Japanese and Iranian gardens explore the healing processes of memory and cultural grounding.Historic images, newspaper articles, poems, paintings and music are used to construct a mixed reality of past events and future fears that Manzanar evokes in these two immigrant groups. Users are alternately given or denied control of their own movement to emotionally underscore how the vicissitudes of politics can control one’s own fate.

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Germany, 2000-2001

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International Academy of the Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). Intel Corporation. blaxxun Interactive Inc. WIRED Magazine; Asian American Arts Foundation


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Tamiko Thiel, Jun 15, 2001



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