Giulio Iacucci, K. Jäntti, T. Lindberg, …

The ScreenTray as augmented physical object in the Café

Concept design through Observations, mocking-it-up and Performing Scenarios with People



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Abstract / Zusammenfassung: This work reports of a multidisciplinary concept design aiming at exploring the use of mixed reality in a common environment like a Café. One of the concepts that resulted out of several user centered design activities, is the ScreenTray, used to carry food and beverage from the counter to the tables and augmented by an integrated touch screen and a "orientation-aware” pointing device. Through participatory design we validated use scenarios with café customers, and produced a mock-up and a virtual prototype.

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Finland, 2001

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University of Oulu; Oulu; Finland. University of Helsinki; Finland. University of Art and Design. Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki


Giulio Iacucci, Jun 15, 2001