Pedro Sepulveda-Sandoval

Digital Shelters

EMF pollution mapping, data collected by the neighbors.

EMF pollution mapping, data collected by the neighbors.

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A new landscape is emerging in the urban space, a ‘Scanscape’ that transgresses the boundaries and protocols of public and private space due to the extensive use of electronic, electromagnetic, surveillance and telecommunication technologies in the urban realm.How can we define these ‘Scanscapes’? How can we create 'Digital Shelters' that will protect us, isolate us or allow us to live with in these ‘Scanscapes’? This paper addresses the issues of the privatisation and commodification of urban spaces while also exploring these emerging landscapes as a condition of contemporary sites. It proposes a new design approach based on the collection and analysis of events and design proposals in everyday life, that will reposition the role of electronic objects and spaces as the driving force in the ongoing transformation of the city.

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Germany, 2001


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pedro sepulveda, Jun 15, 2001



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