Nicolas Anatol Baginsky

Public Narcissism

Escalator and 3 Displays/Cameras

Escalator and 3 Displays/Cameras

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The installation "Public Narcissism" is concerned with the representation of the exhibition visitor and his narcissistic relationship with his own image. In doing so, the project "Public Narcissism" merges two classical themes: the motif of Narcissus who falls in love with his own reflection encounters the enchanted mirror in Sleeping Beauty, the fairytale in which a mirror classifies and pronounces judgment on the person facing it."Public Narcissism" is an installation designed for experimental image processing. Face finding/tracing programs extract facial cutouts of exhibition visitors from the stream of images generated by six video cameras. These portraits are being presented to the visitor via large displays. On a second and third level of processing these portraits are classified by the installation's 'long-term-memory'. Faces grouped into the same category are blended into one image and projected onto a large projection screen.

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Germany, 1999-2001

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Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Deutschland




nicolas baginsky, Jun 15, 2001



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