Monika Hoinkis

Herzfassen (take heart)

intelligent object

Nominee of the digital sparks award 2006

heartbeat stored in water

heartbeat stored in water

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A bowl is filled with water. By taking hold of it by the handles, it becomes literally moved by the rhythm of your heart. Water becomes storage for discrete information and makes it visible. It starts pulsating with your heartbeat. When you touch the object with only one hand, the water stays calm. When holding both handles, the water starts vibrating. Your heartbeat is calculated through the handles' measurement of your skin-resistance and then assigned to the water's pulsation. The heartbeat is now stored and the water will 'beat' with this rhythm until the pulsation slowly abates. At the end the water is calm and discharged again, unless the bowl is touched by a new person to whom whose heartbeat it would set itself to. It then beats with another's heart.

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Germany, 2004-2005

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Monika Hoinkis, Dec 20, 2005



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