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Symposium "Present Continuous Past(s)"

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The research project iMediathek intends to examine the possibilities and conditions for the "reproduction" of media works in the internet, evaluate them and develop prototypes; the focus lies on video art. The intended goal is the development of a virtual video art archive as an instrument for research and teaching with the possibility to access the works online.
Currently it is very difficult to gain access and additional information to media works by artists. The information about these works is decentralized worldwide, and very difficult to obtain outside of conventional channels such as exhibitions, festivals or conferences. For the teaching of media art it is however often necessary to be able to present examples (in full length), as it is the usual practice in other fields of art such as painting where the students can refer to literature in the library. In the field of media art an image in a catalogue is hardly of any assistance. Sound, movement and time - the most important characteristics of media - remain hidden to the viewer.

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iMediathek, Hochschule für Künste Bremen


Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany

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In cooperation with the International University Bremen and Filmbüro Bremen




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