Rens  Frommé

Capturing Unstable Media - open systems?

Symposium "Present Continuous Past(s)"

Rens Frommé

Rens Frommé

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The focus of the lecture will be on the online presentation of media art. What would be the high-quality, appropriate documentation for the descerning aspects of video art?
First, a video-art-like case study from the V2_archive would be introduced; i.e. the interactive video-installation Body Movies by Rafael Lozano Hemmer. On the basis of the exisiting documentation of the work, the descerning components of the work are analysed, focussing on the visual (video) output. These are then mapped with the corresponding concepts in V2_'s "Capturing Unstable Media" conceptual model.
After that, recommended documentation for each component is discussed, resulting in more general recommendations about the quality and usability of various types and genres of documentation for capturing video art, including recommended file formats for dissimination on the internet. The lecture could be concluded with a discussion on the interoperability-steps which V2_ is taking on a technical level (xml-based archive/thesaurus mapping). However, keep in mind that the interoperability-part of our research is first starting next year.

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iMediathek, Hochschule für Künste Bremen


Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany

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In Cooperation with the International University Bremen and Filmbüro Bremen




, Sep 21, 2004



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