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Symposium "Present Continous Past(s)"

Peter Rautmann

Peter Rautmann

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Present, Continuous, Past(s)- Videoart, Strategy of Presentations and Mediation

As an art medium, video has transformed the perception of artistic practices since the late 1960s. Under the influence of new image technologies not only the formal aspects of presentation have changed, but also the conditions of reception have also been affected by this radical transformation of representational modes. Video art has played a central role in international museums and survey exhibitions since the 1960s. Beyond their temporary visibility in changing contexts of presentation however, video works are often insufficiently documented.

Which perspectives can be developed to make the time-based, acoustic and often also installative characteristics of video art accessible for the scholarly discourse and within the Academy? Are models of decentralized mediation conceivable besides commercial distribution systems of video art that do not play off artistsí justified claim for gratification against growing research interest? Which methods are emerging in order to open up the closed-circuit of the art system for discursive approaches?

As programmatically reflected in the borrowed title from Dan Grahamís video installation »Present Continuous Past(s)«, the symposium is dedicated to central questions of the presentation and reception of video art, particularly its spatial and temporal dimensions. The conference offers a forum for international scholars, curators, artists, experts and distributors a forum to develop joint future-perspectives and to open up new ways of communication.

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, Sep 8, 2004