Paul Sermon, Andrea Zapp

A Body of Water

A video-conference installation linking museum space and historic locations

A Body of Water_Waschkaue

A Body of Water_Waschkaue

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"A Body of Water" was a video installation consisting of several parts conceived for the Ruhr region. Socio-culturally disparate places and separate action spaces were visually brought together using a live video linkup. The visitors to the Duisburg Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum could be regarded from two installation rooms in the Waschhalle-Herten (also in Duisburg). The people in the individual installation modules were separated using chroma-key processes and projected, for example, on a shower curtain in the washroom. On the 'reverse side' of this flowing projection area, film sequences of miners showering were shown. Floating independently on each side of the water wall, the two images are not mixed and appear as completely different scenarios from either side of the water screen. The museum visitors found themselves in a heterogeneous environment, enriched by historical accessories, objects associated with the theme of 'washing'. TV monitors gave the visitors in the museum an insight into the secrets of the washroom. The video pictures from all the locations were assembled into a TV/projection image, leading to non-verbal, gestural communication between the visitors in these physically separate situations.

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Germany, 1999

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A Body of Water was developed in 1999 by Paul Sermon and Andrea Zapp with technical support for the water installation (1 technician) and production support from Vier-Fahrt (including 3 production staff).




A Body of Water was commissioned by the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, for Connected Cities a group exhibition that commissioned a series of interactive media art works with the intension to link a number of significant industrial and cultural locations in the Ruhr region of Germany.

Connected Cities. Processes of Art in the Urban Network. Wilhelm Lehmbruck. Museum Duisburg and selected sites of industrial culture. 20 June to 1 August 1999

Connected Cities was supported by regional cultural funds of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Kultur Ruhr, and the City of Duisburg. With specific project support and sponsorship from The Deutsche Telecom, Gelsenwasser and HSK Heizung Sanitär Kniffka. The total Budget for A Body of Water is estimated at 12,000.00


, Sep 21, 2001