bump (into each other)

Telematically linked wooden catwalks evoke the impression of physical presence of users at a distant place.




The telematic installation "bump" consists of two one-and-a-half-meter-wide catwalks in two cities. They are installed on public areas, encouraging passers-by to walk on them. The effect of the impact on the wooden planks of one catwalk is relayed to those of the other. Corresponding to the place where the participant steps on one of the catwalks, a wooden plank rises up on the other. The impulse created by the weight of the person is relayed via the data network and results in the activation of a pneumatic piston in the other location. The movement of the person therefore generates a real-space change at the other location. For the visitor, the link between the cities is experienced not physically. Activities of people at the other location are portrayed as a mirror image and create an illusion of nearness. The presence of the other can be felt.

Artists / Authors


Germany, 1999

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C3 Budapest, TU Wien


, Sep 21, 2001