Paul Sermon

Telematic Dreaming

At a rendezvous in virtual space arises a sensation of physical proximity in spite of spacial distance.

telematic dreaming

telematic dreaming

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The Telematic Dreaming installation by Paul Sermon combines two rooms in different locations by transmitting video recordings live between them. Two identical rooms are fitted with a double bed, a video camera and a screen. One person can lie on each bed. On the screen, the person sees himself together with the person in the other room. The two images are superimposed exactly so that although both people are actually in different rooms, they appear on the screen to be in the same bed. The live video image of one person is transmitted via ISDN line and tele-conferencing system to the bed of the other. Thus, a meeting takes place in virtual space and a feeling of physical nearness is generated despite the spatial distance. Each person can react to the other and appear to touch them, leading to a contradictory linking of the senses of sight and touch.

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Finland, 1992

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The project was financed by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and the Finnish Telecom “Tele”. Overall costs are estimated at around £7,500.00. Telematic Dreaming was developed in 1992 with technical support from The Finnish Telecom “Tele” (including 2 technicians) and production support from AviArki Helsinki (including 2 production staff). Collaboration with: The Kajaani Art Gallery and Telegalleria Helsinki.


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Telematic Dreaming was commissioned in 1992 by the Finnish Ministry of Culture for the Finnish Summer Exhibition “Koti” (home) at the Kajaani Art Gallery Finland. The “Koti” exhibition was sponsored by The Finnish Telecom “Tele”. The theme of the exhibition was taken from Jean Baudrillard’s notion of “home” as described in his essay “The Ecstasy of Communication”.


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