Ken Goldberg , Joe Santarromana


A garden as collaborative action space.


Telegarden is a tele-robotic installation. Internet users control a robot, which plants and waters a real garden. Participants intervene in a real space through their actions on the Internet, changing the real space as a result. Using a simple interface, the participant moves a robot arm that both plants and waters, and also provides images of the garden. Different participants who are in the telegarden at the same time can meet in the "village square", and talk to each other via a chat system. The state of the garden is determined by the actions of all users - so human cooperation can therefore be essential for the survival of a plant. The better coordinated the user community is regarding the planting and care of the garden, the more successfully the garden will grow. Communication processes in the data space therefore influence the health of the plants. People who access the Internet from different locations and change the garden through the Internet therefore form a community that focuses on a common task.

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United Kingdom, 1995

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University of Southern California




, Sep 21, 2001