David Rokeby

Very nervous system

Intuitive sound creation by the means of free movements in space.



"Very Nervous System" is an interactive sound environment. David Rokeby uses video cameras, image processors, computers, synthesisers and sound systems to create an interactive system that converts the movements of the user into sound. This interactive space represents the creation of an interface that differs from other conventional interfaces by virtue of its spatial extent and its invisibility. The interactive space also integrates the entire body into the interactive scenario. This therefore represents a means of interacting intuitively with the installation.
The video camera records the participant's sequences of movement. At the same time, sounds are generated using these recordings. The environment contains a complex, yet fast feedback loop. The feedback is not just "negative" or "positive", diminishing or amplifying - the loop constantly changes according to how the human and the computer interact. The feedback loop means that the triggered sounds cannot be predicted.

Artists / Authors


Germany, 1991

Partners / Sponsors

Arts Council Grants in Canada, some financing from commissions, and artist fees.


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, Sep 21, 2001