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retroYou nostalG

A modified flight simulator

retroYou nostalG

retroYou nostalG

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"retroYou nostalG" is based on a commercial flight simulator whose graphical interface and functions have been drastically modified with the game’s integrated editor. The basic parameters for navigation and three-dimensional orientation, from the relief structure of the ground to laws of gravity and instrument control functions, have been largely rendered inoperative with the effect that a structured recognition of space and movement in it become practically impossible.
Joan Leandre thereby frustrates the expectation that takes a meaningful interaction with the computer game for granted. In a second step, he thus prompts the user to decode the seemingly meaningless functions of the machine and, if possible, to learn them – whether by means of systematic research or trial and error. At the same time, the manipulation of the three-dimensional structure of this game shatters the illusionistic potential of 3D animated computer game worlds and thus naive trust in their basis in reality.
(Katrin Mundt)

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Spain, 2003




, Apr 13, 2004