Atau Tanaka, Bert Bongers, Kasper Toeplitz

Global String

A musical instrument for hybrid space

Global String at V2/AEC

Global String at V2/AEC



Creative and technical considerations in building a musical instrument to traverse acoustical space and network space. Conceiving a musical instrument for heterogeneous space and democratic use requires implementation of diverse modes and techniques satisfying needs of tactile local presence, and tangible telepresence. The result is an artistic project destined for multi-site gallery installation and performance. It is a musical instrument that exists in the mixed realities of acoustical space and network space

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Deutschland, 1998-2000

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GMD, St.Augustin, Germany; WDR, Germany; The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology; V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands; AEC, Linz, Austria;


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Atau Tanaka, 15.06.2001



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