Georg Schuetz

Seeing everything, forgetting nothing.

Superbertram Closeup

Superbertram Closeup


Smart Object & Website

Superbertram is our all friend, he is a representative of a new species of enriched, mobile gadgets, who have a lot of different features combined in a pleasant housing which does not look like a high-tech-tool at all.

Superbertram smiles alltime and sees everything, and everone can look through his eyes and even direct his view in all directions.

Superbertram´s Brain is
Glimpses of both eyes are uploaded frequently and shared with million of users.


* Superbertram is streaming with both eyes to the internet, constantly.
* Superbertram´s eyes are moveable by everyone, using the web interface.
* Superbertram can be phoned.
* Superbertram is constantly posting glimpses to, approx. 600 per day.
* Superbertram distributes his Internet-connection to his local surrounding.

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Deutschland, 2007

Partner / Sponsoren, , Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien / MA 7




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