Ralf Schreiber

Living Particles




Living particles / Living systems is an installation that consist of many different electronic particles, which are suspended from elastic bands and together form a living system. The individual components receive their whole energy from solar cells with the size of lentils, which are connected in series. The electronic connections imitate a nervous network with positive and negative feedback that is rhythmically intensified. There are three different types of particles in the system. One creates quit, variable sounds, the other move. Special particles combine these two, create connecting points and feed their energies back. The amount of movement of the individual particles is dependent on the intensity of light and the level of agitation of the neighbouring particle. A change in position changes the intensity of the light and consequently the sounds that are being created.The distance between the sounding particles are such that under perfect conditions (relative silence and enough light) they develop a fragile net of quit ever changing sounds.

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Deutschland, 2000-2001

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KHM, Köln (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)

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Ralf Schreiber, 15.06.2001


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