Steven Schkolne

Balancing Individualism, Consequence, and Knowledge:

The Fibers of Filtered Being



This essay examines the experience of the individual in an arena of filtered being. In the interstices between participants, fibers regulate the dissemination of content, balancing individual freedom against the needs of the collective. The inherent reversed dataflow of filtered space increases connectedness, rendering the model of a single augmented perception invalid and demanding the analysis of multiple loci of negotiation.Perceptual entities in this space have structures whose physical manifestation is modulated by invisible information. This loose foundation for all observation undermines empirical knowledge, leaving us in a space where being is ingested with the ethereality of language.

KünstlerInnen / AutorInnen


Deutschland, 1999-2001



Eingabe des Beitrags

Steven Schkolne, 15.06.2001