Stefan Paal

Distributed Extension of Internet Information Systems

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

Stefan Paal

Stefan Paal

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As a result of global networking by the Internet, a new information and interaction sphere has been created in which the formation of so-called internet communities is playing an increasingly important role. Users can enter the Internet, meet virtually, and follow common interests. For this purpose technical systems in the form of internet platforms are made available, which, depending on the interests of the community, provide individual functionalities and resources.

In addition to this collaborative connecting up of users, the wish for functional networking of the internet platforms developed. This wish is currently expressed in the trend towards so called web services. The aim here is to enable simultaneous and transparent use of distributed services and resources of all kinds which can be found on numerous Internet computers. The focus here is not on competition between the systems but on cooperation based on individual user needs. The problems and questions are addressed in various research areas such as semantic web and knowledge discovery, and also distributed computing and web services as mentioned above.

Against this background many new questions must be posed as to which direction the further development of the Internet and thus also the internet communities will take. Regarding the development of internet platforms it already seems that the users will in future take a more active role in structuring and designing the systems, a role which so far has been passive. The central theme here in addition to cooperation will be the integration of various network resources such as online archives, individual application modules and internet platforms. How can decentralised services and information of a community be offered transparently via uniform interfaces? What functional characteristics do modern internet platforms have to have to enable this and what are the technical innovations needed to achieve it?

In the talk, aims, characteristics, and application possibilities of the internet platform will be presented. The focus will be on the technical infrastructure and differences between and other, conventional internet platforms.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication MARS-Exploratory Media Lab



Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany


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, Apr 10, 2003