Alex Adriaansens

Conditions of the Information Society

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

Alex Adriaansens

Alex Adriaansens

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The present application of digital technology makes it possible to drasticly link a great diversity of information, uncovering relationships and connections in complex processes (social, cultural, economic a.s.). Data about our social and political preferences, our Internet behavior and actually any data possible is stored digitally and can be linked and retreived for different puropses. Based on this information all sorts of economic, social and cultural scenarios and realities are being devised by policymakers. It raises some essential questions: Which databases and archives are being linked, and which are not? Which information either is or is not stored in these databases and who decides this? Which information can be applied by specific interest groups only? What is the public significance of these knowledge systems?

Through the datamanagement systems we construct different views and understandings about our environment and that what we call reality. This practice has a social and cultural element dominated by the notion that it is essential for the individual to be able to interact within the complex and dynamic social and cultural (media)reality(ies) that are constructed from the flow of information. How can we as individuals interact, participate in, and transform these realities? A growing number of artists and architects are developing (software) systems to (re)organize data into complex datamanagement systems that offer their users insight and interaction in social and cultural processes in an often subjective way. In this situation there is a growing need for strategic tools and agents to play an active role in the way information is entered, edited and retreived and finally employed.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication MARS-Exploratory Media Lab



Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany


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, Apr 9, 2003