Jobst Löffler, Dieter W. Fellner

A Software Architecture for Adaptive Visualization of Distributed 3d Documents in Open Information Spaces

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With the emergence of open information spaces, e.g. digital libraries, advanced techniques for interactive visualization of complex and protected 3D documents are needed. This poster presents a new visualization concept and software architecture which deal with the problems of complexity and security of digital 3D documents in open information spaces. A dynamic combination of remote and local 3D rendering is used to allow scaling of the information quantity on client side.

KünstlerInnen / AutorInnen

  • Jobst Löffler, Fraunhofer Institut Medienkommunikation (IMK)
  • Dieter W. Fellner, Inst. of Computer Graphics - TU Braunschweig


Deutschland, 2000-2001

Eingabe des Beitrags

Jobst Löffler, 15.06.2001


  • Forschungsprojekt
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