K. Kamyab, F. Guerin, P. Goulev, …

Context Sensitive Virtual Sales Agents


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Current leading portals still do not provide the user with a realistic three-dimensional multi-modal interaction. The next generation of portals will not only amend this but will provide an integrated environment with marketplaces, chat rooms and believable synthetic characters. We are concerned with the design of embodied sales assistants to be immersed in MPEG4 multi-user worlds. Sales assistants that interact with customers and their virtual shop in a believable manner bring many challenges to the designer. In particular, the assistant must have a detailed and timely knowledge of its contextual setting. We propose a contextually sensitive architecture for sales assistants in the SoNG Project supporting integrated context sensitivity over four distinct domains: the social or communicative domain, the user domain, the product domain and the virtual environment. This architecture has the potential to provide situated believable sales assistants for 3D environments.

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, 2000-2001


KAveh Kamyab, Jun 15, 2001



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