Andreas Battenberg, Peter Schickel

Mobile Business with Virtual Communities

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Until last century virtual environments like online communities stayed virtual when power was switched off, or with the Internet connection unplugged. The community couldn’t reach its member and vice versa, if he left the computer. Now, with access through mobile devices and "always on” connectivity, the virtual com-munity has gained access to their members’ real life.Starting from an analysis of the concept of "commu-nity” in real life, the paper describes the influence of community software on the perception of "community” in virtual life and describes how both realities will jointly develop into a new mixed reality - a reality with new services and new rules, where distinctions such as "virtual” and "real” have to be newly defined.

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  • Andreas Battenberg, blaxxun interactive AG, Munich, Germany
  • Peter Schickel, blaxxun interactive AG, Munich, Germany


Deutschland, 2001

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Andreas Battenberg, 15.06.2001


  • kommerzielles Projekt



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