Kurt E. Fendt

Comparative Media Studies

A New Graduate Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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COMPARATIVE MEDIA STUDIES is the humanistic and social scientific examination of media technologies and their cultural, social, aesthetic, political, ethical, legal, and economic implications. Graduates are trained to respond to real world problems, identifying the forces shaping the information and entertainment industries and mastering key conceptual frameworks drawn from the humanities and social sciences. The goal is to take what we know as humanists and apply it pragmatically to challenges confronting industry, journalism, education, and government.Comparative Media Studies research themes cross academic disciplines and involve both traditional and emerging communications media, establishing a focus for public presentations, research agendas, and curricular initiatives. Through its projects, symposia, outreach programs, and research projects, the program explores the social, economic and cultural impact of digital technologies and their analog forbearers.Besides a description of the graduate program, the presentation will also include examples of interactive media projects developed by graduate students and faculty.

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Vereinigtes Königreich, 1999-2001

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, 15.06.2001



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