Andruid Kerne


Interest-Driven Browsing Through Streaming Collage

Later state of the same news collage session [link 01]

Later state of the same news collage session



People now browse the web by scanning pages and deciding which links are worth chasing. They see a limited subset of all potentially interesting pages. CollageMachine [4] stirs up the process of web browsing with cognitive strategies that promote emergence and creativity. It changes the granularity of browsing. A session is seeded with a set of web addresses or search queries. CollageMachine deconstructs web pages to form collections of media elements – images and texts – and hyperlinks. It crawls hyperlinks and recurses. Meanwhile, media elements stream continuously into a collage. The user can engage in collage design as part of browsing by selecting elements for which she feels an affinity, and removing undesired ones. These direct manipulations drive an agent, which models the user’s interests in order to effect the evolution of the collage. A visualization grid allocates screen real estate to optimize display of the most interesting media elements.

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  • Andruid Kerne


Vereinigtes Königreich, 1997-2001

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Creating Media:; New York,

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Andruid Kerne, 15.06.2001


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