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FIGURE is an interactive installation. Spectators are invited to take part in the formation process of the cinematic meaning. The interaction is based on the conversation between the moving body and cinematic elements. Spectators are photographed with the thermal camera. The image of the body is combined together with varying cinematic sequences by means of real-time video trick. The result is projected on the screen in the exhibition space. FIGURE is part of my research project aiming at a doctoral dissertation at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The title of the dissertation is “Hypermontage - a Montage of the Interactive Moving Image”, a study at the crossing point of media art and art philosophy in the framework of pragmatism. According to Charles Sanders Peirce, the human existence occurs in a constant interaction between the human being and the world. Experiencing is cultural action. Philosopher John Dewey says that a work of art is not a separate object from the spectator. Art happens in the process of experiencing art. The art experience is the actual work of art. I’m arguing that the formation of cinematic meaning is strongly dependent on spectator's interaction with the cinematic elements. I have applied a new concept of montage called hypermontage to express the enlargement of tasks and the character of film montage functioning in the interactive cinema.

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Finland, 2000-2001

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KROMA Productions Ltd, Magnusborg Studios, Finland;




Marikki Hakola, Jun 15, 2001



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