Daniel  Teige, Martin Rumori


intercreative Soundinstallation

Nominee of the digital sparks award 2006

16:9 @ metronom gallery barcelona

16:9 @ metronom gallery barcelona


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16:9 is an intercreative sound installation for closed and private spaces. via a
portable and easy to use interface sounds can be mixed and freely spatialized like by a
painter on a speaker canvas of several square meters size.
the up to 144 independent speakers are installed as a pattern in a big white screen.
adapted to the space architecture the speaker matrix is designed to be fixed on a wall like
a painting.
the huge number of speakers and the size of the canvas offers to reproduce an audio
image with great depth effects and various options on placing and spatializing sounds.

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Germany, 2005

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Elektonisches Studio der TU-Berlin, Manfred Fox Ing. Büro


Daniel teige, Dec 28, 2005



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