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Lecture given at the symposium "Ohne Schnur No Cord"

Hubertus Kohle

Hubertus Kohle

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The symposium was organized as part of the exhibition "Ohne Schnur / No Cord Art and Wireless Communication", which was held in Cuxhaven Art Association from 03.04 to 02.05.2004.

Mobile phones, wireless Internet connections, navigation systems in cars and ships our everyday life is inconceivable without communication technology. Real space is increasingly being overlaid in our perception by private and public information and communication space, while the media are finally becoming extensions of our body, just as the media theorist Marshall McLuhan predicted back in the 1970s.
At the symposium media theoreticians, art historians, media scholars and media artists spoke on and discussed the topic of the impact of mobile communication on our society, on our perception of space, and on our awareness of our bodies, as well as the topic of communication art and media art and their history. With the exception of the lectures of Mrs Kunst, Mr Adrian X and Mr Wilson, all the contributions were conducted in German.

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Institute of Art History of Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), Munich, Germany



Cuxhavener Kunstverein, Große Hardewiek 35, 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany




, Jul 21, 2004