Matt  Adams, Ju Row  Farr, Nic  Tandavanitj, …

Desert Rain

In Desert Rain virtual spaces are connected with the dramaturgy of an real role playing.




Desert Rain' is an interactive playing game with roles for six people. The plot is influenced by the events of the Gulf War. Certain search actions are reminiscent of multi-user computer games in terms of the production of the communication string.
Each participant is individually allotted a definite task before going to his berth equipped with a camouflage jacket. Different virtual scenarios are projected on a curtain of rain opposite the observer. A foot mat allows navigation through this artificial world. During the choreographed course of events, the participants meet each other ? first virtually, then in reality. Certain tasks have to be completed jointly. Some sections are assigned to different spatial situations. The curtain of rain, for example, functions as a projection surface and an interface when the characters, who have been sought meet the participants in the flesh.
At the end of the game, all players reach a hotel room. There, the individual characters meet each other virtually by being brought together on a television set.

Artists / Authors


Germany, 1999

Partners / Sponsors

MRL at University of Nottingham. ZKM, Karlsruhe. eRENA.


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, Sep 21, 2001