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Lectures given at the transmediale.03

Play Global!

Play Global!

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Globalisation appears today as an unavoidable fact. Economics, politics, society and culture take place within a global network. The playground for participants in the global game, however, varies considerably. The conference will present artistic projects and ideas in which the utopias and dystopias of a global culture are played out. Artists, sociologists and media theorists discuss cultural strategies for the global game: play global!

Coco Fusco explores in her interdisciplinary projects the role of gender, the body and power in post-colonialism.

Together with Sejal Chad, Adrian Ward and Mukul Dera, Beatrice Gibson developed the online project "nungu", which deals with the individual and collective experiences brought about by teleworking.

Brian Holmes is an active participant in the anti-globalisation movement, designs artistic strategies for the global protest movement, through among others, the artist group "Ne Pas Plier".

Marko Peljhan has dealt for years with the technical, political and military structures of global telecommunications, for example in projects such as "Makrolab", a mobile research station, and "Insular Technologies", an initiative to create an alternative network structure for the dissemination of data traffic over radio waves.

The protagonists of Heidrun Holzfeind's reportage are migrants who, although living much of their lives under the conditions of globalisation in precarious situations, are depicted with dignity and not simply as victims.

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Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH in cooperation with the House of World Cultures and the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes


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, Nov 11, 2003



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