Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

urban.early sunday morning_raw

moving picture, electronic poetry

urban.early sunday morning_raw

urban.early sunday morning_raw




Metropolis: sunday morning, between open end and twilight, between hope and resignation, between following a dream and returning that night to the home town or village outside.

Coming from the disco, full of the impressions of that juicy girl or that horny boy, doubtful of whether preserving innocence or following the instinct for an outstanding erotic adventure.

It is the moment of not yet knowing, vacillating between yes or no.
It is a same ritual each week-end, even if decisions are made once.
It is a game between identifying and identity.

The work describes the urban landscape as a scenario of a play, where the protagonists are embedded in without any chance to escape.

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Deutschland, 2002


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Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, 09.11.2002