Lori Zippay

The Digital Mystique: Video Art, Aura and Access

Symposium "Present Continuous Past(s)"

Lori Zippay

Lori Zippay




In this presentation, I'd like to address challenges relating to the distribution of media art from a theoretical and historical framework, but also from the perspective of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI). Founded in 1971, EAI is a nonprofit resource organization that holds one of the world's major collections of new and historical video art, featuring over 3,000 works from the 1960s to the present. For over thirty years, EAI has provided an alternative model for the distribution and preservation of video and interactive media works by artists. In this presentation, I'd like to identify and perhaps demystify some of the issues relating to contemporary media art distribution, from questions of video editions to interactive Web projects and resources that may point to new paradigms.
The presentation will include a brief selection of online visual materials from the EAI Online Catalogue and the project A Kinetic History: The EAI Archives Online.

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