Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

138 seconds of peace?

non-linear moving picture

138 seconds of peace?

138 seconds of peace?



138 seconds of peace?

What is peace?
An illusion or just a pipe-dream?
Is it only the state of non-war, the state of non-conflict?
Is the state of peace not against the animal nature of the human being?
Doesn't represent peace (like harmony) an essential human desire on one
but the most instabile one, and having it, who can stand it?
Aren't peace and war not degraded to mere consuming good of humans
who have lost any sense for humanity?
The human evolution is a history of war, not the history of peace. Isn't

138 seconds of peace?
a net based art work by Agricola de Cologne,
points to these and other questions not only in times of war, published exactly at the beginning 0f Iraque war 2003.

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Deutschland, 2003


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Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, 31.01.2004