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Superbertram Closeup [link 01]

Superbertram Closeup


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Superbertram is our all friend, he is a representative of a new species of enriched, mobile gadgets, who have a lot of different features combined in a pleasant housing which does not look like a high-tech-tool at all.

Superbertram smiles alltime and sees everything, and everone can look through his eyes and even direct his view in all directions.

Superbertram´s Brain is
Glimpses of both eyes are uploaded frequently and shared with million of users.


* Superbertram is streaming with both eyes to the internet, constantly.
* Superbertram´s eyes are moveable by everyone, using the web interface.
* Superbertram can be phoned.
* Superbertram is constantly posting glimpses to, approx. 600 per day.
* Superbertram distributes his Internet-connection to his local surrounding.

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  • Georg Schuetz, Absolvent, KHM


Deutschland, 2007

Partner / Sponsoren, , Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien / MA 7


Publication, Booking.

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Georg Schuetz, 03.12.2007 [link 02]


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  • › Superbertram-The Facts (Portfolio) [PDF | 6 MB ] [link 03]
  • › Superbertram Promo Bootlab [13 MB ] [link 04]
  • › Superbertram supervising the S.O.M.A.-Festival [2 MB ] [link 05]
  • › Superbertram at Meese [JPEG | 88 KB ] [link 06]
  • › Superbertram Communication Hub [JPEG | 47 KB ] [link 07]

Inhaltliche Beschreibung

Superbertams main feature consists in delivering live pictures from his close surrounding to the World Wide Web. For doing so, he is equipped with two moveable cameras, which are able to capture visual information at the size of 640 x 480 pixels with a frame rate up to 15 fps, depending on the actual connection speed. Their framing can be controlled by everyone through the easy-to-use web interface by simply clicking into the picture, their range of movement is 90 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically each, which can create a quiet impressive panorama view.

While streaming without intermission, Superbertram preservers the seen at the popular online photo community "", his left eye does this in a predefined intervall, while the right eye is triggered by motion detection, posting whenever something funny or interesting happens.

These pictures are organised in set and collections, which you can access at the right side of the page.

Links to his aprox. 26.000 glimpses at


Technische Beschreibung

The focus is set to create a congenial and easy-to-use gadget, which can even be extended to your personal needs.

Aside from this main function he delivers a broad mix of other features, as there are:

intelligent Connectivity - Management (UMTS,GPRS,LAN,Wlan)
Providing access to the world wide web via IEE 802.11g (max. 54mBit/sec)
Phone & Fax

planned improvements:

Hardware / Software

two moveable IP-Cameras,
Embedded Computer (Asus wl-500 GP)



Superbertram works as an affirmative piece of art, which frees itself from the close boundaries of classical art reception. In pretending to be a product of the company "Super Surveillant Spectacle" he is willing to propagate supervision of all and everything, with a big smile. Surveillance issues and questions about selfreflection through media are addressed at the same time. Most time he stays with me, so serving as my reflector. The times he wanders around in public space, he points out matters of rights on everyone´s medial presence. He gets a lot of attention wherever he appears, because of his unusual funny shape resulting in a friendly charisma on the one side and because of his superior features on the other side, which come to surface after having a closer look at him. Some say he´s a bit spooky, referring to his movable eyes.

Ausstellungen / Präsentationen

  • SSS, Superbertram at Bootlab, Berlin, 2007
    »…m/watch?v=jTiGDT0YBLM [link 08]
  • SSS, Superbertram@Modart, Cologne, 2007
    »…m/watch?v=rU17C0fcHJQ [link 09]
  • Georg Schuetz, Super Surveillant Spectacle, Cologne, May 16th 2007
    » [link 10]
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  • › Superbertram-The Facts (Portfolio) [PDF | 6 MB ] [link 13]
  • › Superbertrams View at the Bootlab [184 KB ] [link 14]
  • › Superbertram at Flickr [JPEG | 22 KB ] [link 15]
  • › Superbertram hosted at the ARS [216 KB ] [link 16]
  • › Superbertram on Tour [JPEG | 46 KB ] [link 17]
  • › Superbertram Promo Bootlab [13 MB ] [link 18]
  • › Superbertram supervising the S.O.M.A.-Festival [2 MB ] [link 19]
  • › Superbertram at Meese [JPEG | 88 KB ] [link 20]
  • › Superbertram Communication Hub [JPEG | 47 KB ] [link 21]