Georg Schuetz

Seeing everything, forgetting nothing.

Superbertram Closeup

Superbertram Closeup


Superbertram works as an affirmative piece of art, which frees itself from the close boundaries of classical art reception. In pretending to be a product of the company "Super Surveillant Spectacle" he is willing to propagate supervision of all and everything, with a big smile. Surveillance issues and questions about selfreflection through media are addressed at the same time. Most time he stays with me, so serving as my reflector. The times he wanders around in public space, he points out matters of rights on everyone´s medial presence. He gets a lot of attention wherever he appears, because of his unusual funny shape resulting in a friendly charisma on the one side and because of his superior features on the other side, which come to surface after having a closer look at him. Some say he´s a bit spooky, referring to his movable eyes.

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