Tina Blaine, Tim Perkis, Hila Dar, …

Jam-O-Drum / CircleMaze

A multi-user interactive musical game

Technical Description

The seven-foot diameter Jam-O-Drum table was built with 10î drum pads mounted directly onto the steel frame and speakers positioned in front of each station. The Jam-O-Drum's basic system architecture incorporates a combination of two input devices; a MIDI drum pad mounted inside a turntable ring. As the ring turns, an optical encoder relays its rotational position and speed to the computer. The CircleMaze exhibit includes a Windows-based PC with a 1 GHz Pentium III processor, a NVIDIA GeForce2 video card, two Audigy and SoundBlaster Live! sound cards, two Parasound amplifiers, four NHT speakers and NHT subwoofer. An LCD video projector projects images from the computer onto the table.

CircleMazeís graphics are generated using Java2D. Sound is played using Java JMF. A JNI wrapper provides communication with a C++ DirectInput library for handling input from the custom Jam-O-Drum hardware. ProTools, Emagic Logic, MetaSynth, and ReBirth were used for sound design, digital editing and original music composition.