Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Vectorial Elevation

Designing the illuniation of a public space via internet.

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VECTORIAL ELEVATION was an interactive art project which allowed thousands of people from 89 countries to control 18 robotic searchlights with 126,000 watts of power and link Cyberspace with Mexico¹s most emblematic urban landscape. Mexico City¹s historic centre was transformed by immense light sculptures created by participants on the Internet using a virtual reality program. A personalized web page was made for every participant with comments, stats and virtual and real images of their design from three perspectives. The project was also localized for the capital city of the Basque Country and for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

Vectorial Elevation ist das vierte Teilprojekt der Serie Relational Architectur von Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Weitere Teilprojekte beinhalten:

displaced emperors. relational architecture 2
(Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria 1997)

re:positioning fear. relational architecture 3
( Film+Architektur Biennale, Graz, Austria 1997)

33 questions per minute. relational architecture 5
(Wilfredo Lam Art Centre, Havana Biennial 2000; Hagia Eirene, Istanbul Biennial 2001; Conde Duque Centre, Cibervision 2, Madrid 2002; Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo 2002; "Ill Communication" Dundee Contemporary Art 2003; Basel Miami, OMR stand, 2003; ARCO, OMR stand, Madrid 2004; Art Basel, OMR stand 2004)

body movies. relational architecture 6
(V2, Cultural Capital of Europe, Rotterdam 2001; 02, Lisbon; Ars Electronica 2002, Linz; Liverpool Biennial 2002; Akzente 2003)

two origins. relational architecture 7
( Festival Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse 2002)

amodal suspension. relational architecture 8
(Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media, Japan 2003, Access Pods in 27 art centers in 15 countries)

frequency and volume. relational architecture 9
( Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico 2003; Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan 2004)

Weitere Informationen unter: http://www.fundacion.telefonica.com/at/rlh/eproyecto.html