Warren Sack

Conversation Map

Graphical browser for very large-scale conversations (VLSCs)

Conversation Map_Interface

Conversation Map_Interface

Theory / Research

Innovative aspects of the project and particular research interest:

a) Information Visualization: The Conversation Map implements a method for visualizing thousands of email messages.

b) Computational Linguistics: The Conversation Map incorporates a set of novel, text processing algorithms that combine and interrelate social and linguistic analysis of a set of email messages.

c) Social Theory: The Conversation Map illustrates a new theory of discourse developed to understand and explore the phenomenon of very large-scale conversations (VLSC), online email exchanges between hundreds or thousands of participants.

Warren Sack is a software designer and media theorist whose work explores theories and designs for online public space and public discussion. More information about Warren Sack's current work can be found at this website: http://people.ucsc.edu/~wsack


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