Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss

Memoria Futura, 1999

Symposium zum Wissenschaftsfestival III in Schloss Birlinghoven

Memoria Futura

Memoria Futura

Technische Beschreibung

Documentation of the On-site / On-line event- i2TV

Memoria Futura
Cultural Heritage and Information Technology:
a new perspective?

Concept and Realisation

As part of researching communication concepts for integration of different media for cultural events for the broad public, a group of invited experts actively participated in the Memoria Futura symposium via Internet. To enable this, a model of interactive Internet television (i2TV) has been realised.

Live audio & video from the symposium are streamed to Internet participants using G2 real server and players. The Internet participants can intervene into the symposium by means of text. The Internet view is projected into the real space of the symposium as well. Additionaly, most important questions from the online participants are selected by the on-line moderator and displayed on the fly in large letters. These sentences also appear in the browser window of the online participants providing a feedback of moderatorís actions.

In this way, the on-line and on-site participants are made visible to each other. The audience and the speakers can follow and relate to the communication flow. The interaction level is deliberately kept simple (text) as the goal is to work towards concepts accessible for a broad public.

Positive feedback from the audience as well as from the speakers and invited on-line participants confirms the suitability of the i2TV prototype and the relevance of this approach for researching new forms of communication for a broad audience. The described media integration could point towards new forms of public events as it has awaken great interest among the attendees of the symposium from both science and technology as well as from culture. Inquiries and proposals for cooperation in further work of this kind, have been extended to us during and after the symposium.

The i2TV system represents a prototype of the virtual platform for CAT - Communication, Art and Technology network ( It supports user visibility, collaborative web browsing, textual communication channels and integration of Internet participants into events taking place at real physical locations. It builds on top of publicly available MOO-WWW technology.

CAT is supported by the German Ministry of Research and Education . Its aim is to further the development of media culture by providing an infrastructure for linking artists, researchers and media labs.

Hardware / Software

Streaming, i2TV, html