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actual size-logos list

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The work 00/07/58/24 is based on a group of logos that I previously created. Each logo describes a sculptural situation that designed to be an information sign. For example: a video camera tide to a tree and functions like a surveillance camera or a record player that turned into a compass. The animation is built from nine parts. Each part presents a situation (in a space, outdoor, or a public space) and the situation is represented by a logo which is the starting point or the ending point of each part. The different parts of the whole film refer to brand intros - a small motion graphic that presents a brand. The movie creates relationship between the viewer and the logo by changing the point of view and referring to computer games or simulators-once the viewer is looking through the logo (camera lens, aircraft) and once the logo points its information at the viewer.
The different parts of the movie are connected by the different functions of the circle at the center and by the different use of the same object or image. For example: a cashier with a turntable turns into an aircraft point of view and later shows up again when playing a record with the of a sound-man walking on a tight rope.